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FAQ and support


How do I access the IWGSC reference sequence?

The IWGSC reference sequence is available to download, BLAST and browse here .


How do I launch a BLAST?

A dedicated IWGSC BLAST is publicly available to query all the wheat sequences including the IWGSC RefSeq v1.0.

It includes a Help section .


How do I cite this resource?

Please quote the Alaux et al. Genome Biology 2018 paper.


What data are public and what data need a specific access?

Look at the Access status page .


What is the survey sequence contig nomenclature?


>IWGSC_chr3B_ab_k71_contigs_longerthan_200:10567088 3505 62189 4936946+,...,988109+

The nomenclature of the contigs is the standard output from the ABySS assembler.

The contig id comes first (10567088), then the contig length (3505), then the absolute k-mer coverage (62189). These three columns will exist for all contigs. In addition, paired-end contigs (scaffolds) have a fourth column which shows the list of contigs that comprise the scaffold. In the example, contig 10567088 is comprised of contig 4936946 and contig 988109, both in the same direction (+)


How do I browse the physical maps?

Use the dedicated browser .


Another question? please contact urgi-support[at]

Feel free to give Feedback .

Update: 21 Aug 2018
Creation date: 04 Dec 2014