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14 Jan 2015 Seven URGI talks at PAG XXIII
  • IWGSC - Standards and Protocols session: W478 - IWGSC Sequence Repository: ... 02 Jan 2014 Talks at PAG 2014
    Computer demo 1: Saturday 11 at 1.50 PM Wheat 3B Annotation Viewer: Browse ...
02 Jan 2014 IWGSC Sequence Repository : new data and browsers ... COM (talks)
International Wheat Genetics Symposium (IWGS) 12th 2013, Yokohama, Japan
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13 Apr 2016  TGACv1 assembly is available on BLAST
TGACv1 assembly is publicly available for download at EnsemblPlants and ... 23 Mar 2016  Synteny data released.
 Wheat_version_2 data is now available online via the 09 Jan 2016  IWGSC survey sequence version 3 assembly
IWGSC survey sequence version 3 assembly is available for 21 Dec 2015  Talks on wheat genome at PAG 2016
IWGSC - Standards and Protocols
IWGSC Sequence Repository: Moving Towards Tools to Facilitate ... 21 Dec 2015  Order wheat BAC clones
It is now possible to order BAC clones at INRA CNRGV via the new ... 21 Dec 2015  Wheat genetic maps data
Wheat genetic maps data are downloadable with marker names, sequences and ...
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