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14 Jan 2015 Seven URGI talks at PAG XXIII
  • IWGSC - Standards and Protocols session: W478 - IWGSC Sequence Repository: ... 02 Jan 2014 Talks at PAG 2014
    Computer demo 1: Saturday 11 at 1.50 PM Wheat 3B Annotation Viewer: Browse ...
02 Jan 2014 IWGSC Sequence Repository : new data and browsers ... COM (talks)
International Wheat Genetics Symposium (IWGS) 12th 2013, Yokohama, Japan
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24 Nov 2015  RNA-Seq meiosis data
 RNA-Seq meiosis data (4 conditions in duplicate) are publicly available to download.Details: ... 10 Nov 2015  New wheat physical map data publicly available
Physical maps for chromosome arms 2BS , 2BL , 2DS ... 10 Nov 2015  INRA Small Grain Cereals Network Phenotypic Trials
We are pleased to announce the public availability of the INRA Small Grain Cereals ... 07 Oct 2015  URGI BLAST instead of SRS BLAST
All the SRS wheat databanks are now available on URGI BLAST with ... 01 Oct 2015  Public Blast news functionalities
 The IWGSC public Blast at URGI has been updated with news functionalities: ... 01 Oct 2015  5DS physical map publicly available
5DS physical map published by Akpinar et al. is publicly available.
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